Hayley on Social Media


The Australian 18 Footers League, host club of the 2015 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship, is determined to make sure it provides regatta followers with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible throughout the regatta.

Realising the importance of the need for accurate, ‘real time’ information via the social media, the League has Hayley Shaw-McGuinness reporting from the Club’s video ‘Camera Cat’, which is right in the middle of where all the action is taking place.

Hayley, along with Video commentator Mark Heeley, also get interviews with the competitors for the club’s website www.18footers.com and yachting website around the world.

The lovely Hayley is quite an accomplished young lady:

  • Australian Team member for Triathlon 2013 and for Whitewater Canoeing in 2002
  • Australian Ambassador for Aussie Bodies and Women’s Health magazine 2015
  • Author of A Girl Like U Published 2009 by New Holland
  • Social media manager for various companies and events over the years
  • Contributing writer for SurfGirl Magazine, Lorna Jane and freelance writer for many others
  • Creator of Shesurfs and herwhodreams websites

For all the latest news, live stream TV action, race results and reports and more go to the Club’s new website:www.18footers.com

The Twitter handle @18skiff  and Instagram @18skiff for pre/post & in-race commentary and banter hosted by Hayley Shaw – McGuinness www.herwhodreams.com

The Facebook site: www.facebook.com/18footers

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League