Protest Decision – CTech v Bing Lee

Protest Hearing
C-Tech vs Bing Lee
Hearing at the Australian 18 Footers League on 7th March 2019.
Event: Race 4
C-Tech, represented by; Alex Vallings
Big Lee, represented by, Micah Lane
1. The incident occurred just after the last mark of the course with C-TECH in 4th
place and BING LEE in 5th place.
2. C-TECH was on starboard gybe setting her spinnaker.
3. BING LEE established a windward overlap on C-TECH from clear astern.
4. BING LEE’s wing caught the wing of C-TECH causing damage to C-TECH
and also causing her to capsize.
5. C-TECH completed the race finishing in 15th place.
6. BING LEE completed a one turn penalty in accordance with the sailing
instruction 16.
1. BING LEE being windward boat failed to keep clear of C-TECH the leeward
boat and broke rule 11.
2. C-TECH was unaware a collision was going to occur and had no opportunity
to keep clear.
3. Due to the damage incurred C-TECH is entitled to redress.
4. BING LEE having completed a one turn penalty cannot be further penalised.
11,14, SI 16
C-TECH is granted redress and is to be given points equal to 5th place.
Lister Hughes
7th March 2019.
Protest Committee; Howard Elliot, Steve Hatch, Lister Hughes.