Sails and Boats For Sale

Each year, we look after our fleet of 18 Footers by replacing some of the existing sails with new ones.  Which means that there are a number of sails available for repurposing.  All the sails will be in storage in Morrissett, and can be available for pickup at the 18 Footers in Double Bay.  If freight is needed, it will need to be arranged by the purchaser.

These sails will be listed in November 2023 after the Sail Registration Day.

Of note:

  • Mains will not come with battens. Otherwise complete.
  • Plan for removal of signage/branding (mainsails/spinnakers) will need to be discussed with 18 Footers before purchase if there is existing signage on sail.

If you are interested in purchasing a sail, please email us at, quote the number of the sail you are wanting to buy.

Sails For Sale (as at April 2024)

IDSail TypeMaterialMain SailmakerLuffLeech (Main diag)FootHeadConditionPrice New 23/24Price (AUD)Original BoatNotes
15#1A North12700 7700 24800100TKM 18/19White with logo, repair need on clue
22#1A North12700 7700 74800900LazarusWhite with Logo
23#1A North12700 7700 44800400Smeg 19/20White with Logo
25#1A Doyle12700 7700 6 600Noakes 21/22White with logo
26#1A Spectrum12700 7700 55100500BnB 20/21White no Logo
11#1JIncidenceSpectrum730066002880 950002000Ilv 22/23Like New, no clew batten
31#1JBlackDoyle845076002880 6 800Noakes 19/20 
47#1J3DiNorth845076002880 45600300
BHP marina 19/20
48#1J3DiNorth845076002880 656001000
T2? BHP?unknown
34#1M3DiRawNorth91509350360020006117002500Vintec 16/17No reefs
46#1M3DiNorth91509350360020007117002500SnP 21/22 
19#2A North11900 7300 74900900BHP Marina 20/21White with Logo
10#2J3DiRawNorth710060702500 74400800Andoo 21/22Creasing behind battens when soft
28#2J3DiRawNorth710060702500 844001000TKM 19/20 
30#2JBlackDoyle710060702500 6 800Noakes 20/21 
35#2J3DLNorth8000 2500 24400200Tech 2 19/20Rust Marks on the head
39#2J3DiRawNorth710064502500 644001000Oak 21/22 


The Sails were all checked and graded between 1 and 10.  The 1’s ended up in the bin, the 10’s are like new condition.

The sizing is estimated.  No guarantees on their accuracy, and should be just a guide.

Please refer to the notes, photos are available if required.

All the sails are located up at our storage facility in Morissett.

We are also selling boats!

YearBOAT NAME 22/23#1 Main#2 Main#1 Spin#2 Spin#1 Jib#2 Jib#1 Mast 10225+165#2 Mast 9200 +165Sale Price $AVideo/Photos
2010Lazarus Development 22/2318/1919/2020/2118/1920/2119/20SouthernSouthern$30,000
2010Team Japan Balmain Slake 21/2218/1918/19TBATBA20/21TBA2015 CST2015 CST$30,000
2014Appliances Online 21/2218/1919/2020/2120/2119/2019/20SouthernCSTSold 
2015Shaw & Partners – Dev 21/2221/2221/2219/2020/2119/2019/202017 Sth 1 SprC-Tech 2021Sold 

Of note:

  • Boats are currently in Lake Garda – Italy where they can be purchased and picked up after the Europeans – June 2023

If you are genuinely interested in purchasing an 18 footer, please email us at, quote the name of the boat you are wanting to buy