A small club with a big reputation, our club offers some of the best views in Sydney and our members are welcome anytime.

Members of the Australian 18 Footers League enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discount of up to 20 percent bar purchases
  • 18 Footers points scheme
  • Regular Entertainment – Live Music and Trivia
  • Make bookings at the club restaurant
  • Receive priority during busy periods in the dining room and lounge
  • Make large dining room bookings for up to 30 people
  • Book lounge functions for up to 50 people
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2024/25 Membership Details


$ 340
  • Year 1-4: $340* p.a
  • Silver Membership in Years 1 to 4 includes the joining fee ($520) spread across the 4 years
  • Year 5+: Upgraded to Gold Membership ($195* p.a)

* Annual membership fee is subject to change


$ 715
  • Year 1: $715
  • $715 initial payment includes joining fee + 1st year membership fee
  • Year 2+: $195* p.a

* Annual membership fee is subject to change


$ 50
  • Here for just a short time? A One Month Membership is available for $50.
    * can only be taken once

  • Temporary members who upgrade to Gold and Silver memberships will receive $25 or $50 redeemable membership points respectively

Membership Enquiries

Please use the form below to submit your details if you are interested in membership at the 18 Footers (Note: this is not an application, please refer to above information. Print and send through to

The membership year runs on for the financial year from 1 July until 30 June each year.

Membership fees are adjusted pro-rata based on when you purchase your membership. 


I, the mentioned nominee, do fully understand that I cannot become a member of the club until the expiration of the fourteen days after the approval of the Board of Directors. If duly approved by the Board of Directors, I hereby agree to abide by the memorandum and articles of association of the club.

Warning: Club by-laws provide for automatic disqualification of members who nominate or second underaged persons for membership.


In submitting this application, I fully understand that this is a one-off temporary membership valid for one month. I understand that I can access the club restaurant, lounge and deck during this membership but I do not have access to member pricing or points. I will abide by the 18 Footers Rules & House Policy.

Note: The fee paid for this temporary membership can be applied to a gold or silver membership within 90 days of this application.